How to cite a research paper APA?

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When quoting it is necessary to observe the exact correspondence of the source quotation. Only some deviations are allowed, for example: modernization of spelling and punctuation can be done according to modern rules, unless it is an individual spelling or punctuation of the author; certain words, phrases, phrases in the quote may be omitted, provided that, firstly, the author’s opinion will not be distorted by the omission, and, secondly, this pass is indicated by a multi-colon.

Quotes, accurately answering the source, must be quoted in quotation marks. The paws are not put in a poetic quote, extracted from the text, in the quotation taken by the epigraph to the book or article, in the paraphrased quotation. How to cite a research paper APA?

A quote must be given to each quotation or quotation mark, as well as any borrowing from someone else’s work (table, diagram, map, etc.). The use of other people’s ideas, the actual material, quoting without reference to the source of borrowing is a violation of copyright and is regarded as a plagiarization, that is, appropriating someone else’s authorship, issuing someone else’s work or invention for their own. The translation of non-verbal authoring text is not cited, but provides a reference to the source used. How to cite a research paper apa?

Admitted without the consent of the author and without payment of royalties, but with obligatory indication of the name of the author, the work of which is used, and sources of borrowing:

– citations in the original and in translation in scientific, research, polemical, quintessential and informational functions of the legally proclaimed works in volume, justified for the motive of citation, which includes the replica of excerpts from newspaper and magazine articles in the shape of print reviews;

– the use of legally proclaimed works and excerpts from them, as illustrations in editions, in radio and television programs, audio and video files of instructional nature in volume, justified through the referred to purpose;

– replica in newspapers, broadcasting or cable communication for the conventional placing of publicly proclaimed political speeches, appeals, reports and other similar works in extent justified for informational purposes. In this case, the author retains the right to publish such works in collections.