MLA format examples essay

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For students and professionals, writing a well-developed and dumb essay is only half the battle. To avoid plagiarism, each author should correctly quote all searches on the link page attached to the essay. Depending on your field of study, you may need to use a specific style guide, such as the Modern Language Association (MLA) for work in English or the American Psychological Association (APA) for research. Each style guide has its own rules and regulations specific to manual pages.

MLA format examples essay

Include a separate link page at the end of your essay. This page should not contain any information other than your links. In MLA format, place the title of this page “Cited Work”. In APA, place the title of this “Links” page. The heading should be centered on the first line of the page, but do not use bold, underline, or any other identifiable tags.

Adjust the document so that all lines after the first line of each reference analysis are indented 1 inch from the left margin. This is called indentation and can be configured for automatic use in many word processing systems.

Swap the name of each author so that the last name is first, and then the name and initials of the author. In MLA format, include the first and second fully written name. This is valid for up to seven authors; if there are more than seven authors in the work, enter the names of six authors, enter the ellipsis (…), and then enter the name of the last author.

MLA format examples essay

Put a double space in all citations on the page of cited works. Do not miss the spaces between entries.

Use capital letters in the titles of articles and books, with the exception of prepositions, conjunctions and articles like “o” or “one.” Write titles of works in italics, such as books or publications, and use quotes with shorter job titles, such as articles or poems.

List all page numbers as best you can. An article starting on page 300 to page 313 will be written “pp. 300-13.

Place in alphabetical order the page of works indicated by the name of the first author of each entry. For untitled works, include them in alphabetical order by name. If you have several works by one author, list the entries in alphabetical order by title.